Our Locavore Philosophy

Since starting our own vegetable gardens and preserving our food, Mr. Locavore and I have become passionate locavores.  The first summer we gardened and ate our own food, we realized we had a whole new appreciation for growing, maintaining, harvesting, cooking or preserving food and it made us truly grateful for the process of getting food to our table. We treated the food with more respect since we knew the hours of hard work it took to produce that food and took pride in cooking for our friends and family. Most importantly, we felt the interconnectedness of food as life: starting with seeds, to tiny seedlings, to mature plants, to fully mature fruit and vegetables, we nourished these vegetables and now they were nourishing us. It might sound a little hokey, but I promise, once you've had a home-grown tomato that you've grown yourself, you'll be amazed at the fullness of flavour, the rich texture and the sense of satisfaction that this is your tomato!

The interest in local eating has extended into the various sources of protein, dairy, produce and herbs our local region supplies. We are members of our local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), which provides us with fresh produce grown using organic practices. We realized that asking those important questions about how animals are raised, their diets and living conditions helps us make informed decisions and knowing exactly where our food is coming from has made us appreciative of food, how it sustains our family and can help us support our community.


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