About Us

We are a family of six in South-West New Brunswick. Transplants from Ontario, we arrived in New Brunswick with a budding passion for gardening and learning more about the life cycle of food and the work behind producing it. We continue to transform our small property into productive gardens and preserve that harvest through storage, freezing and preserving. Lindsay, the author of the blog, can be usually be found in the garden or kitchen. We are proud supporters of our organic CSA, Wysymykal Farms and have goals to be increase our production each year so we rely less on imported goods.

Mr. Locavore is the muscles of the operation. Handy with a hammer and passionate about home brewing, we are kept in good supply of libations and handy wood creations, like cutting boards or trellises for the raspberries.

Honey Bear, 6 can also be found in the garden, helping pull weeds, rake compost into the soil or harvest produce. When it comes to the garden, Brother Bear, 4 is passionate about eating fresh peas and digging for worms. Mouse and Bear, 2.5 can be found "harvesting" cherry tomatoes and raspberries.


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