Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays!

What an exciting year it's been! We kicked off the 100 Mile Challenge at the start of the year and made it three quarters of the way (silly pregnancy and its food aversions getting in the way!). The lasting effects of the challenge are still felt today. We try to buy the bulk of our grocery items from local farmers and vendors at the market and we're more conscious of where our food hails. In the summer months, we gathered, froze and preserved lots of food to see us through the winter and its handy to have a stocked freezer and pantry, especially when the snow starts and heading to the grocery store isn't possible.

We also try to buy local and support our community and it helps that we have incredible choices, like Anointment skin care and the beautiful cards handmade by Jessi (click here to check out her amazing work!). Doesn't hurt that April and Jessi are just about the nicest people you'd happen to meet!

It was also a jubilant year for our family with the birth of our son, Samuel. We've been so blessed to be part of a caring and supportive community and we've been spoiled by neighbours and friends who've stopped by with casseroles, clothes, diapers and more. I hope wherever you are, you are part of a similar community of people who offer such unconditional support and free flowing generosity.

So from our family to yours, we wish you the very best of the season and many rich blessings in the coming year.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dark Days Meal #2 - Porridge

We're very fortunate to have family visiting with us and they're spoiling us by making our suppers. By the end of the day, making supper is the last thing I want to do as I anxiously await bedtime and my only chance to grab 2 hours of sleep at a time.

So, you work with what you've got and we've got plenty of oats. And maple syrup and blueberries and goats milk to top it off. So you make a hearty bowl of porridge and congratulate yourself that you accomplished another Dark Dark meal (barely...)

We're fortunate to have a great source of oats from Speerville Mills, the blueberries were picked locally and frozen, the goat's milk is part of our CSGS (community supported goat share) and the maple syrup is leftover from our annual pilgrimage to the sugar shack. As my mother says, it's food that "sticks to your ribs" and perfect for our Dark Days.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

5th Annual Dark Days Challenge: Meal One

We're excited to participate in another Dark Days challenge, as hosted by (not so) Urban Hennery. It's a winter long challenge and once a week, you prepare a meal based on SOLE (sustainable, organic, local and ethical) and blog about it. It's fun and we really enjoyed seeing what sorts of meals other bloggers were preparing and being inspired by their creativity and knack at turning relatively few ingredients into really tasty dishes.

Admittedly, our first meal is pretty lame and kind of truck-stop"ish" but these days, we're excited if we manage more than eggs on toast, so you can imagine how psyched we were with this dish. It's pedestrian and no where near gourmet, but it's hearty and easy (enough).

Potato and Carrot Latkes, Fried Egg and Maple Breakfast Sausage.
The potatoes and carrots were part of our CSA basket that were shredded and combined with an egg as binder and the garlic that seasoned them was from our garden. The eggs are local and available from our goat milk provider and the local pork was hand ground in our new meat grinder and combined with some maple syrup for a delicious breakfast sausage. While the sausage is a little time consuming, you control the quality of the ingredients and they froze nicely. We just threw these things together, which is part of the creative joy (and frustration) of the Dark Days Challenge, so we have no real recipes to offer.

Potato and Carrot Latkes
We're excited for another chance to participate in the challenge!


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