Thursday, November 24, 2011

"Here Comes the Sun..."

We are very excited to welcome our son, Samuel to our locavore brood! He arrived on November 10th at a near 9 lbs and is a fantastic, very laid back baby.

Life is grand, albeit a little crazy and hectic. We've been fortunate to have family visit and help prepare our meals and we still have lots stored in the freezer from my nesting/crazy preparathons in the last trimester, including many of the recipes we tried during last year's 100 Mile Challenge, such as the refried beans recipe, which helps makes taco night a breeze, or Buttercup/Pumpkin Pancakes that you plunk in the toaster on hectic mornings. Or if you're feeling ambitious, like I was this morning, give this German Chocolate Cranberry Cake a whirl!


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