Friday, September 9, 2011

The End of the Summer

Not like there really was a summer. We're only now coming into some beautiful weather and you know, I'm completely OK with that. Fall is my favourite season and enjoying sunny days with moderate temperatures is ideal. Plus, I'm huge and heat isn't agreeing with me, so double bonus.

Fall is also the signal of all the nesty things I need to do, like get a whack of soups, stews, chilis, sauces and more frozen and ready for baby-crazy-hectic-welcoming-company chaos that begins about 8 weeks. In the meantime, I'll happily start cleaning up the garden, freezing and drying what I can in prepration for winter.
I received a lovely little virtual award from Adventures in Dinner, which was a really kind gesture and I thank her. I have continiously enjoyed reading her blog posts and found them inspiring as she tackles leftovers, a toddler and home renovation. Her honesty is refreshing and she is such a likeable blogger!

This award is a kind of fun chain thing, because after accepting the award, you thank the giver (You rock, Jane!) and link them back to your post. You then share seven things about yourself:

  1. I have had all sorts of odd jobs - retail jobs, administrative jobs, restaurant jobs, house cleaning jobs, gardening jobs, make-your-own-job jobs and more. I like contributing and if there are no jobs available, I try to figure something out.
  2. I'm a Trekkie, but a particular one. I'm especially fond of Star Trek Voyager and TNG. I was reluctant at first and before long, I was sucked in and now, I watch it almost nightly while I have my pre-bedtime nap.
  3. I met Jeff during our undergrad at Carleton University, in Ottawa. He got liquored up at a free wine and cheese reception our department was hosting and got the nerve to ask me to dinner and the symphony. He could have been a chimp and I would have said yes. Luckily, he wasn't a chimp and we had an incredible 8 hour date. We never looked back.
  4. I'm a perpetual student and really, really need to finish the last two credits of my Masters (and you know....stop having babies so I can finish!)
  5. I'm not a very creative cook. I like recipes and structure and only when I'm comfortable will I branch out and experiment. I wish I took more risks in the kitchen.
  6. I'd much rather concentrate my gardening efforts into a vegetable garden then a flower garden.
  7. As I'm typing this, a neighbour is jogging by my place and I'm reminded how much I hate running. I wish I could run, but it feels like torture and the only way you'll catch me running is if I'm being chased or you've offered me some really tempting food and I'm anxious to get there fast.
Here's the extra fun part, where I get to take 10 new blogs I really enjoy and hopefully introduce you to some gems you may or may not have discovered: From Maggie's Farm, Northwest Edible Life, Toronto Tastings and My Mom's a Nerd.


  1. Ugh, I can't find your email anywhere - just wanted to let you know that I have a whole bunch of books for Honey Bear that I'll bring with me to the market tomorrow, so don't forget to come say hi :)

  2. Why thank you so much! I am so happy to hear that you enjoy my blog, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for promoting it. Your blog is LOVELY and I am inspired!

    Margaret Christine aka "Maggie"


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