Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Eat Your Greens!

Greens Galore
I'm loving the challenge of using up the greens in our CSA package and frankly, it's never that difficult when the produce is this fresh, tasty and versatile. In addition to our half share we picked up on Saturday, we nabbed some more rainbow swiss chard and a heritage variety of kale. For last night's supper, the rainbow chard made a great side to a homemade spice rubbed and barbequed local pork chop. I used Adventures in Dinner's tip of some chicken stock and kept it on the savoury side with a dash of hot pepper flakes, some spring garlic and sliced red onion. The rice was pilaf"ed" with extra veggies and loads of garden fresh herbs, like lemon thyme, parsley and regular thyme (Honey Bear actually ate it!) and the spinach salad was dressed with some of our own garden fresh strawberries, walnuts and some local feta and tossed with a poppyseed dressing.

It was incredible.

The kale was used in this Italian Wedding Soup recipe, which turned out to be a gigantic hot mess. I can't figure out how I messed this up so badly. It was visually terrible and the broth lacked flavour. Foodies out there, tell me something: the meatballs are cooked in the soup after the addition of kale, and the raw meat clouds up the broth. Two eggs are added at the end, which act as a clarifier (I assume. It wasn't an egg drop soup consistancy), but the eggs got all muddled up in the kale, so I couldn't remove it and keep the soup clear without losing my kale. What went wrong here? It tasted alright, just wasn't the most anticipated dinner I've ever cooked.

On the bright side, check this out:

Homebrewed Hooch!
Our strawberry wine is doing its thing! A couple years ago, we tried elderberry sherry, which was a disaster. The sap from the berries destroyed some of our equipment and the temperature was obviously off, as it never went past 5% alcohol, but hovered at a 20 sugar count. Yuck. We disposed of it, despite our thoughts of cutting it with vodka as a cocktail.

Our strawberry wine was headed in the same direction. I had originally asked Jeff to write a guest post about his methods and when the wine was sinking fast, we decide best not to share our recipe for failure. In a last ditch effort to salvage the wine, we pitched the yeast again and crossed our fingers.


Last night it was moved over into a smaller carboy and the sugar and alcohol levels were rechecked. It went from a 5% alcohol with 12 sugar count to a 10% alcohol to a 2 sugar count. PERFECT! It may get drier as it ages, which would be great. It was proclaimed delicious and a huge hit and I'm delighted for a big batch of homebrew for under $10. What to brew next?


  1. That wine looks amazing!!!! I love our organic bin too. Don't you find that you are eating a wider variety?

  2. Aw, mean to be tasting the wine without you! Sounds delicious, though. And the rice...yum. I wonder if my two would brave it?

  3. Hey there, thanks so much for the visit over in my neck in the woods.

    Become a follower and I can enter you into my draw :)

  4. Just found your blog...reading the recipe, the eggs are whisked with cheese, then when drizzled in slowly to the spinning soup will basically make egg noodles. They're not clarifiers, they're part of the dish, and you aren't supposed to fish them out. Probably why you were having trouble fishing them out. :)

  5. Thanks, Anon! I'd love to see this recipe redone and if I had cable, I'd love to see how Giada made it as I'm sure it was supposed to be something delicious and appetizing....just not when I made it!

    Thanks for finding your way to the blog.


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