Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Winter Preparations

Bucket O' Rhubarb
Thanks to my generous CSA, I received 30 lbs of free rhubarb and I was determined to neither let anything go to waste, nor freeze it. Turns out, that much rhubarb makes over 28 various sized jars of preserves!

Plenty O' Preserves

Some of the preserves are for retail at the market, but many are for our use over the winter - such as the two different kinds of rhubarb syrup (which I fully intend to use as a cocktail post-baby!) and preserved rhubarb in vanilla bean. While it seems incredibly early to be preparing for the winter, I know it will creep up before we know it, especially as we're almost at the half-way mark in the pregnancy.

Preparing all these preserves made me wonder about our next committment this winter and our ability to faithfully follow a local diet for 100 days. One of the lessons learned this past winter is how much preparation we would need to do again. With very few fruits frozen or preserved, we're taking steps to avoid the same pitfalls, but another 100 days sounds really daunting.

Any ideas? 5 days on, 2 days off? A lower commitment, say 50%, using only local fruits and vegetables, but everything else goes?

What do you think?


  1. 50% seems pretty reasonable but still a challenge. You're going to be pretty busy as it is :)

  2. I love the photos of all the different varieties that you created. Which one is RhuBobbie?

  3. Maybe don't put a number on it? Just make a conscious effort to preserve for the winter, with last year's experience in mind, and then include as much local everything as you can. Maybe keep track of how much you do, but without a goal in mind (if that makes sense). You'll be super-busy, and you don't want to make yourself feel guilty. Or, at least, I don't want you to make yourself feel guilty :)

  4. Thanks for the suggestions! Sorry I've been having such trouble with comments; I've realized it must be a newer version of IE that's causing it, but it's making me nuts not being able to respond!

    @Crafty Mama - I like your suggestion and have started a new page called Preserving the Harvest - 2011, which chronicles what I'm preserving and will use during the winter. We won't be bound to it, but it'll be much easier to eat local if the food is there (and tasty food at that!).

    @MamaChromatic - RhuBobbie is second from the right. :)

    @Adventures, too true. I always underestimate how insane those first 3 months are!


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