Thursday, June 16, 2011

Reflections from the Clothesline

The Answer, My Friend, Is Blowin' In the Wind....

Top Ten Reflections from the Line:

1. My kid wears a lot of pink. A lot. This is coming from a mom who swore she'd never let her daughter get so "gendered".
2. Clothes just seem to smell better when they're fresh from the line. Must be all that sunshine ingrained in the fibres.
3. The downside of fresh smelling clothes is you often bring unwanted crawling critters inside with you and you risk getting bird poop on your clothes.
4. Still, hanging clothes can be soothing and meditative.
5. There aren't enough sunny days here.
6. Jeff has a clear system to organizing laundry, including matching socks on the line. I like to free-style it. It's the only point of contention we have about hanging laundry, so when I hang clothes, I get this little rush like I'm bucking the system.
7. I feel bad for the spider webs that have already formed that I'm about to destroy.
8. Bugs seem extra attracted to me lately - can they sense I've got double the blood volume? Shouldn't the mosquitoes have some sympathy for me, them being lady mosquitoes and all?
9. My garden's not looking so great. Must be our lack of attention and a laissez-faire attitude about the garden this year. Thank goodness for our CSA.
10. I need to hang laundry more often.


  1. The lady mosquitoes should girl power up but they just don't :(

    I'm a free styler myself and after many years of stating that I would always let my daughter "choose" her path have ended-up having a relentlessly girlie girl who rarely takes off her necklaces and changes her shoes a hundred times a day.

    Laundry goes nowhere but will breed in the dark.

    LOVE the blog restyle. You're a star.

  2. Matching socks on the line? I guess everyone has their quirks, but I'd totally buck the system too :)
    Riley asked me the other day why female mosquitoes can't be vegetarians. Why, indeed. I remember being extra-tasty while pregnant also...ugh.

  3. I had the same aversion to pink with my Big Girl. Second time around, I've stopped fighting it. It's an uphill battle.

    Our clothesline area gets so hot that the clothes dry too well and end up crunchy. I don't love that. We don't have a dryer, so crunchy it is. As un-eco-friendly as they are, I truly do miss having a dryer.

    I'm the anal clothing-hanger. I like things hung neatly, in color-coordinated sections. Chef B has a haphazard approach that takes 1/4 of the time that it takes me. The great part is that he complains about how long it takes me to hang laundry, so he does it instead. WIN.

    Aloha ;)


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