Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Locavore Women Don't Get Fat. They Just Get Pregnant.

The truth has come out why I abruptly ended the 100 Mile Challenge. Those early days were brutal and if I had to see one more carrot or parsnip I was going to lose it. So I started to cheat and that wasn't very fair, so we decided to wrap it up early and focus on the foods that I could tolerate. We're all very excited about another addition to the Locavore Household coming this fall and while I love being pregnant, harbouring a mini-locavore takes a lot of me, literally and figuratively. I'm exhausted and am usually in bed not long after Honey Bear, which explains the spotty posting. I hope you'll bear with me, it's only recently that I can function on less than 9 hours of sleep.

I've been anxious to follow-up on a post I wrote in the early stages of the Challenge called Locavore Women Don't Get Fat, which was a spin on the book "Why French Women Don't Get Fat". I argued that eating locally gives a respect for food, how it was grown and how you prepare it. You tend not to over-eat, savour each bite and are probably getting lots of exercise spending time in your garden doing manual labour.

I put it out there: I needed to lose those last few pounds to get to my pre-pregnancy weight and I was hoping this shift in attitude would do it. And it did. I did lose those last few pounds. I ate much smaller portions and allowed myself seconds if need be, but invariably, I never needed them. I felt great and was happy to finally nip those last couple pounds in the bud.

Let's hope it works again!


  1. Congratulations!!!!! So happy for you and yours.

    I LOVE that book by the way. It totally changed the way I ate.


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