Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Hills are Alive

For many of my gardening friends and family, they often have to contend with rabbits and deer devouring their gardens, but for those of us in the moist Maritimes, this is enemy #1:

Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia
Slugs are the bane of my existence: Plant seedlings in the morning and 24 hours later, you awake to find your plant covered in dozens of slugs that have eaten it almost to the ground. After numerous organic, non-toxic solutions, we have finally found that works for us (ferric phosphate pellets - safe for bird, animal and human consumption and not harmful to the soil, but not so friendly to slugs), but largely, it's about co-existing and realizing you may fight the war, but never win the battle.

While we're excited to almost have our garden planted (for a sneak peek, check out our uncanny blog), I'm anxious to get over this initial period of watching and waiting for plants to get strong enough to fend off these slimy invaders.

What are the banes of your gardens?

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  1. My lack of garden is my bane! When I had a patch at my parents' place, it was the invasive Bishop's weed that drove me crazy. We kept tearing it up, but even a little bit of root left and it'll come back.


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