Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mama's Day!

Mama and Honey Bear
I adore this picture. Taken back in the fall, my little toddler was still unsteady on her feet. She loved to hold Mama's hand as she explored our neighbourhood. Now at 20 months, she's feisty and spirited and loves to do things on her own. It's rare she reaches for my hand on one of our walks and when she does, it never fails to melt my heart. I love being her mama. 

Happy Mother's Day, to *all* you mama's out there - mama's to little ones, fur babies, angel babies, god-children and more. 


  1. Ahh...the heart swells. I just got sent a photo like this of myself and my wee one.

  2. I adore this picture!!!
    I hope you had a wonderful Mama's Day :)


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