Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 81: Wrapping Up Early

It is with a mixture of sadness and relief that we wrap-up the challenge a little early. Due to a variety of reasons, mostly related to health, we've chosen to wind down our 100 Mile Challenge at 81 days, a little disappointed we didn't stick it out 19 more days, but satisfied we met our objectives.

Going into the challenge, we were curious if it was feasible, practical or manageable to exist on locally grown food and with preparation work and sheer luck, we found out it's entirely possible. We hoped the challenge would put us in better connection with our community and help us source out the farmers and producers who grow and sell our food. We've succeeded in making new friends and have discovered a wealth of resources available to us that we didn't know existed.

Moving forward, we've ordered local Speerville Flour Mill in bulk, so our flour and oat needs will always be met with a local source. We've committed to purchasing our meat from local sources and buying from the local dairies. Most importantly, we've learned to enjoy food in it's season and if that happens to be imported, to enjoy it in moderation. We've learned the importance of preserving the garden goodness to help sustain us through the winter and that if you bolster your local fare with imported goodies, to keep it at a minimum and try to buy in season (i.e. citrus from Florida in the winter vs citrus from South Africa in the summer).

Thanks for taking the journey with us, for all your positive feedback, constructive criticisms and menu ideas. It's been a blast! I'm still debating the fate of this blog, as the challenge is now complete and I welcome your ideas and feedback.


  1. It sounds like it's been so worthwhile, and great connections and info were acquired! I think the blog should carry on as you relate how eating local becomes a part of your day-to-day life1

  2. Congrats Locavores on 81 days of dogged determination and delicious meals! It's been great checkin out your menu. Happy gardening :)

  3. Great you made it so long. Its hard in colder climates to stay local.

  4. You've done so well, with imagination and perseverence! I don't think I could stick it that long, I do so love my avocados and mangos..

  5. You did a fantastic job even at 81 days. It was wonderful to follow the journey.


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