Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 79: Social Sally's

We've had the good fortune of visiting with friends and enjoying some lovely hospitality and some fantastic meals, including Ethiopian Doro Wett, homemade injera and a out-of-this-world lentil dish and a hearty beef stew with a Chocolate Guinness Cake (two words: ah-mazing).

Luckily, we had some equally amazing food at home, like this Chicken Tetrazzini. Just ignore the random bits of celery - Jeff had a veggie tray come home with him from church and I wasn't about to waste the celery, so in it went.

It was so creamy and hardy; perfect for those still cold March nights. It made lots, so we've been enjoying it, along with some very tasty Whole Wheat and Maple Scones:

I found the recipe here and just omitted the sugar and glaze. They were perfect with a big dollop of jam. I even experimented by freezing them, pre-bake and was very happy with the results. 


  1. Oh! The Guinness and Chocolate Cake! Is this the recipe from Green and Black? I've made that a bunch of times and it is gone in an instant.

  2. You know, I'm not sure. I just know it was amazing. My friend ran out of flour, so substituted some fresh ground oats (about a cup's worth) and it made it dense and fudgey.

    I was just eyeballing your pergoie lasagna and debating about giving it a whirl. As much as I want perogies, I *so* don't want to do all that rolling.

  3. The rolling just never ends. There is a point with pierogies that you feel you have been making them for hours and are still not 1/2way through.

    You know, a nice variation of that recipe (a bit lighter) is to have a layer of cottage cheese (or yogurt cheese, or ricotta) in it.

    I will now have to make that luscious cake! You could easily use some local, dark beer in the place of the guinness. It'll be just as nice.


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