Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 75: An Ode to Sausages

Right. I'm not really going to write an ode to sausages, but if I could, I would. I'd call it: Ode of the Humble Sausage and it'd be 52 verses, because that's how great sausages are.

One of the main reasons they're fantastic is they're quick and tasty and I'm delighted I finally found a local sausage I like. For some reason the local sausages around here are precooked, which gives them a spongy texture that's really off-putting. Luckily there were some frozen, uncooked sausages on hand and they're delicious, moist and flavourful and my affection for sausages has been rekindled.

Awesomeness on a Plate
I paired the spicy Italian sausage with some sauteed cabbage (I used a bit of bacon fat instead of oil  - HELLO flavour!) and the ultimate roast potatoes. 

Ultimate Roast Potatoes
I case you don't know the trick to  making the world's tastiest roast potatoes, learn it here as I did; you won't be disappointed! See that beautiful, perfectly crispy little potato in the middle? I singled it out to show you just how tasty your taters will be. I scarfed it down before it got taken from me. Somehow the best potatoes seem to go missing after well-meaning attempts at "helping" me stir the potatoes. 



  1. I always steal the most crispy potato before they all go out to the table too. YUM.

    Seriously, I don't know that there's much better than a good sausage. They make me so happy! I have a recipe to make your own, but casings scare me (and, thrill me a bit too) and I don't own a meat grinder. So, it'll have to wait until another enthusiastic food blogger can join in on the fun... =)

  2. make me want to pull out my meat grinder and get going! Maybe the summer.

    Don't forget about "Toad in the Hole". Yorkshire pudding batter and sausage. Nirvana.

  3. Can I also add: the meatballs we talked about never got made. I couldn't stand to part with your chutney on crackers with cheese. It's so typical, but... oh man, I was in heaven. I finished off the jar last night and sat there starring at it for a good few minutes mourning its demise. =P


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