Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 66: Happy Women's Day

Thanks to playgroup, I was fairly incapacitated with a nasty tummy bug and had to break a few Locavore rules, mainly with Ginger Ale and Gatorade, but I'm back in fighting shape and ready to celebrate healthy, delicious and local food.

Like today's lunch:

Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese
I was craving tomato soup and a grilled cheese, so that's exactly what I made. I followed Michael Chiarello's recipe, minus the broth since I don't have any frozen and probably eased up on roasting my tomatoes, since I was pretty sure the fire alarm was going to sound if I gave it more than 7 minutes. The grilled cheese was made even tastier with a generous smearing of Beeloved Blazin' Glory pepper jelly. 

Now, to sit back and relax while Jeff makes me an amazing supper with the recipe I've provided for lamb curry and homemade naan bread. In Ukraine, the 8th of March, or International Women's Day is a national holiday, where women are pampered, thanked and celebrated by husbands invading the kitchens and cooking up wonderful dishes. Let's hope Jeff can keep the tradition alive! 


  1. Stomach flu sends all rules out the window :( Glad you're feeling better - and jealous of your pampering! Enjoy it :)

  2. This is so much better than the woman we heard on the radio who said she had taken her family to "Boston Pizza and it was...fine".

    That food is likely the farthest you can get from local (or good) as you can get.


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