Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 58: I Am in Deep Smit

OK, so Jeff eats a whole jar of preserves while I'm on vacation and frequently cheats on the 100 Mile Challenge when I'm not looking (I honestly had no idea a bag of Fuzzy Peaches ended up with our groceries until he ripped into them on the way home), but when it really counts, this man pulls through.

I had big plans for last night's dinner, with several pots on the stove and dough proofing in the oven, when I got pulled away on an emergency. I asked Jeff to finish what I started, but with putting Honey Bear to bed and cleaning up, I wasn't confident it'd be finished or delicious.

I came home 3 hours later and was greeted with these beautiful words:

"The pizza's warming up right now, I've made a salad with a mustard cider vinaigrette. I thought you'd like some chicken on the pizza, so I roasted a chicken breast. I took pictures before and after cooking the pizza, I put Honey Bear to sleep, cleaned up and have wine chilling in the fridge".

Now that is why I married him. Almost 8 years later and he still impresses me. Swoon...

So without further delay, here's the super amazing pizza Jeff made for me:

Loaded with caramelized onions, mushrooms, roast chicken breast, a garlic white sauce, our own fresh basil, some fresh goat cheese and a grating of mozzarella. 

I am in deep smit.

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