Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 54: 100 Mile Locavores In the Paper

My thanks to Victoria Handysides for her article on us in Here Magazine. Our hope is that more people see how eating locally can be a viable option for living sustainably here in New Brunswick.

There was one point taken out of context that I wanted to clear up: Our food budget. The article doesn't mention our budget includes three people, not two. Our budget also contains household, personal care items and cat food; basically everything that can be purchased at the grocery store. The actual total for our food budget is significantly less than quoted and we've still managed to live quite well and with great variety of food over the past 54 days. It is possible to eat locally and on a budget!


  1. I still think it sounded great!

  2. Great article! I agree that it's totally possible to eat local and on a budget. So far I think we spend about $350/month for three. While we don't focus so much on local it just happens to work out that way considering our other limitations.

  3. Hey "Local Couple"! How much fun to be featured in the magazine. Keep up all your hard work. Tonight we ate President's Choice BBQ chicken pizza. Really disgusting.

  4. Hey Aimee! Good to know we're not missing much by making food from scratch.

  5. Congrats! I love that you are spreading the word!


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