Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 52: Cue Star Trek Theme Song

That's Right: GREENS!
Do you ever wish a blog post could have a theme song? Mine would be Star Trek: TNG, only Picard would say something like "To boldly go where no locavore has gone before". That's right, that's lettuce on my plate, in fact, enough lettuce to call it a salad.

Now of course, lots of locavores grow their own greens throughout the winter, but I'm just so excited to have something crispy and soft on the teeth I need to gloat a little.

I roasted the beets skin-on with some canola oil, salt and pepper and peeled them once cooled. The greens are dressed with an apple cider vinegar and mustard vinaigrette, paired with sliced Golden Delicious apple. The pork tenderloin had a apple cider and herb reduction "mop" and the mashed potatoes are garlicky and perfect. 

The salad was easily the star of the show. We started our seeds on January 2nd, so it's been a long wait for enough greens to make a salad. Totally worth the wait.

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