Monday, February 7, 2011

A 100 Mile Challenge Reprieve

Snow Maze and Honey Bear 

This is a crazy amount of snow and I'm totally ready for a break. While I wish I was heading somewhere sunny and warm, I'll happily take the warmth of family. Honey Bear and I are off for a visit to Ontario for 8 days and is it wrong that I'm thrilled about breaking the 100 Mile Challenge? As my father calls it, I'll be savouring the Million Mile Diet. While enjoying family time, we also have an exciting day of grazing planned.

My Dad and I will be partaking in a full day in Toronto doing what we do best: Ethno-Grazing. We visit several restaurants and take-out joints and eat little bits of everything and bring home huge amounts of food to enjoy over the next several days. Here's what I have in mind: Ethopian, Ukrainian, Polish, Chinese, Vietnamese and more. I even plan to bring home some Niagara wine and some sausages from the St. Lawrence Market for Jeff to enjoy upon our return.

Before I jet off, I made use of the handy crock pot and made a sirloin tip roast in a marinara sauce with onions, turnip, potatoes, smashed garlic, mushrooms and carrots. There's something comforting in crock pot meal, although be warned: there is such a thing as too much crock pot! Tender meat is great, but when you could gum your food, it's time to put down the crock pot and return to your oven roasting ways!

Pot Roast and Veggies


  1. Hi Lindsay : It was nice to "meet" you the other day on the conference call with Leah, Raissa, and the others.( I'm the St Martins market gardener)I am enjoying your blog along with my friend Storme who is helping to organise a hundred mile dinner in the village as a fundraiser for our library. It will be sometime next summer. We will be carefully studying your recipes and maybe contacting you for suggestions. Enjoy your trip and culinary adventures!

  2. Thanks, Kathi! It was great "meeting" you as well. I'm really excited to be part of the committee and I'm happy to help in any way when you and Storme are planning the 100 Mile Meal.

  3. Dinner sounds great! A wee trip in the middle of winter is always nice - even though your destination won't be that warm. Coming from a small city ourselves, we're always looking for good and often ethnic food when we go anywhere!


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