Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weekly Confessions

You'd think herbs and spices would be enough to stop us from cheating and it has, for the most part. And yet...

Yours truly, caved. I found this on the 50% off pile and couldn't resist the savings or the delicious chocolaty, organicy, fair-trady goodness. So I bought two and we enjoyed them throughout the week. 

The other was a petite-cheat. During our Locavore Survival Feast, the liquor store in town got snowed in and I needed 3 tbsp of wine for my mussel recipe. I used some leftover brandy I had kicking around instead. Can't say it did much for the flavour (brandy and curry, not my favourite combination), but it did add something water couldn't. 

There you have it. The cheats of the week.

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