Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dinner of Kings

A belated post about our big feast on Monday to celebrate Epiphany and a birthday. Entertaining on the 100 Mile Challenge was not as difficult as we thought and our guests were pleasantly surprised. Here's what we made:

A wine and butter glazed free-range turkey (a Martha Stewart recipe), sauteed cabbage with onions and bacon a dash of wine, vinegar and honey, smashed potatoes, sage dressing, honey glazed carrots and a glass of local wine.

My friend Alyson made this delicious Maple Oat bread at a recent gathering and I couldn't get over the flexibility and ease of the recipe. I've never made bread by hand before and I was able to make this and it was a lovely accompaniment to our feast.

Dessert was Double Apple and Cranberry Crisp and Ginger Lemon Ice Cream. The long strips of citrus and candied ginger were beautiful with the apple and cranberries. We toasted our celebrations with some local sparkling apple wine and feasted into the night.

A great evening with some great local food.

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  1. The bread looks so awesome! I'm glad it turned out. It's always surprising to people how easy bread really is to make...

    You should try the no knead recipe from the NY Times... it's really cool.


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