Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 4: Pub Food Meets French Restaurant

We're ticking right along, with Day 4 almost under our belt. For the most part, breakfasts are oatmeal or frozen pancakes, lunches are soups pulled from the freezer and dinner is whatever we can whip together. We still don't have any local meat, so it's been interesting to say the least.

Our first grocery trip on the Challenge was surprisingly quick. Almost everything we needed was on the outer aisles, except for a few of Honey Bear's items and our dried beans. We treated ourselves to a couple of haddock fillets (the price of fish shocks me, anyone else? $7 for two small fillets is highway robbery. It's haddock, not caviar). I didn't have a chance to photograph our yummy dinner, mostly because I was embarrassed by the combination. It was obvious that two people had a hand in dinner, because I envisioned fish and chips with coleslaw and instead I got pub food meats French restaurant.

Still, the fish was lovely. Jeff cooked the haddock in a butter wine sauce and I made a coleslaw from kohlrabi, apples and carrots and dressed it with a honey/grainy mustard yogurt dressing. All together, it tasted weird, but we were so hungry that it worked. The glass of local white didn't hurt either.

Now that we're officially into the Challenge and finishing up Day 4, that yearning for coffee is still strong. Can you believe I actually smelled the coffee grinder just to remember the smell? It didn't help that Jeff came home reeking of coffee, the shame written on his face.

Thankfully, the 3 days of no-caffeine headaches have finally subsided and it actually feels pretty good to wake up and not feel so groggy. While I'm enjoying not being tied to coffee, you can bet that next time I'm out and about, Honey Bear free, I'll be enjoying some of that liquid gold. Isn't there something about a "Social Clause""?

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