Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 2

I probably won't blog everyday about our daily menu plans, but when it includes something interesting and tasty, I can't resist. Today we realized the importance of leftovers. Coming up with new and creative meal plans every single day is time consuming and frustrating when you need something pronto. We've had a morning full of snow and spent a good chunk of Honey Bear's morning nap shovelling ourselves out. We were thankful that we had some hearty soups in the freezer and leftover Vegetarian Cassoulet to fill us up.

We ate up the porridge for breakfast and a glass of cider, a fiesta beef soup for lunch (previously made and seasoned with my salsa) and the cassoulet and cabbage for dinner. We enjoyed some apples and homemade yogurt with jam as a snack. Out of necessity and a bit on a whim, Jeff made crackers. Sure, we could enjoy our unpasteurized goat milk cheddar on bread, but he really missed crackers. He took a basic, internet sourced cracker recipe and put it through the pasta maker to get it thin. It wasn't quite thin enough and he forgot to prick it so the middles wouldn't puff up, but they were delicious and provided the perfect vehicle for a slice of cheese and dollop of pepper jelly.

100 Mile Cheese Plate

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  1. I totally agree with Jeff - cheese was made for crackers! I love that he whipped some up!


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