Friday, January 28, 2011

Da, Baby!

Gorgeous Winter Day
The upside of a winter storm is the next day. It's often sunny, cold and the snow has covered the trees and given it a winter wonderland charm. Until you realize there's still more shovelling to do. 

Seriously Snowy
When your snow banks are almost as tall as your husband, you know you're in trouble. Thankfully, we had some hearty winter food to keep us warm and nourished and our day went something like this: a hearty bowl of oatmeal and blueberries and a steaming bowl of chicken borscht.

Chicken Borscht

I love everything about borscht and after living in Ukraine and sampling various family versions, this is my favourite. Unfortunately, it's a family secret and I can't divulge my recipe, but I'm sure there are scads of tasty recipes online that will do the trick.

Our day was finished off with some homemade pasta with pesto we made back in the fall, omitting the cheese (pictured is my bowl of rice pasta, but Jeff enjoyed previously made and frozen pasta). I finished my bowl off with some grated local mozzarella and tucked in to some delicious garlicky basil flavours that took me back to the summer. Completed the meal with a slice of apple cake and celebrated another locavore day. Da, Baby!
Pesto Pasta

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  1. Boo! I would love the recipe for your family's borscht! It looks so tasty.


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