Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cleaning Out the Pantry

I'll Miss You, Authentic Thai Taste
The big clean out is proving to be a much bigger task then I imagined.
So today I started with my closet pantry. Oh goodness. First of all, my pantry was crazy disorganized! We made a late night run for plastic wrap yesterday only to discover this morning that I had a roll kicking around!
Honey Bear "helps" 

A few things were thrown out, such as taco shells. On a tangent, but why are there always two taco shells kicking around? Can't we manage an extra taco a piece and not leave a box opened for months?

So with this great pile of food, some got put into a box and hidden away and some moved to a box ready for the food bank. No point in pasta wasting away for months when someone could enjoy it. Honey Bear was most helpful, grabbing items and hiding them in pots.

On the upside, shelves are getting cleaned and expired popcorn is getting the heave-ho (remind me never to buy microwave popcorn!). The spice rack got cleaned up, filled up and hidden away and the bottles of oil are discreetly hidden on a shelf. The fridge is next! Buh-bye ketchup!

For more fun, check out our Great Pantry Clean-Out:

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